Healthcare Real Estate

There are multiple types of Healthcare Real Estate in the world today that influence the market. They consist of the following:

  • Medical Office Buildings (MOB)
  • Hospital and Towers
  • Ambulatory Surgical (ASC) & Outpatient Centers
  • Multi-tenant & Freestanding
  • Healthcare Development Land
  • On and Off Campus Real Estate
  • Healthcare Investment Real Estate
  • Ambulatory Surgical (ASC) & Outpatient Centers

We are seeing an attractive time to consider selling properties through a sale leaseback to capitalize on the supply and demand imbalance. Randall Commercial Group, LLC expects the investor demand and limited-property supply to continue holding these strong price levels that we have recently experienced. The low interest rate environment has also helped push investment real estate prices higher; therefore, now is an opportune time to consider a sale leaseback to take advantage of what we see as a strong seller’s market.

We serve a multitude of individuals and provide numerous services in the Healthcare Real Estate market. To learn more information please visit our Sale Leaseback expertise page.