What are 1031 Exchanges?

Proficiently navigate the time constraints of 1031 exchanges and aim to maximize the investors options through expertise and diligence in evaluation of both on and off market properties.

As the recent tax changes have impacted investors, many real estate investors are looking to employ tax strategies such as 1031 tax deferred exchanges. While this strategy should be coordinated and directed by your tax advisor, we are able to play an integral role in the process of selling properties investors are interested in divesting and identifying potential new properties in which the investor may exchange.

The timing restrictions associated with such strategies are quite onerous and our streamline process is designed to accommodate this accelerated pace. Our wide geographic reach is advantageous in allowing us a large playing field for which to identify replacement properties.


We are dedicated to the total Client Experience. We provide our clients with over 50+ years combined experience that are solutions tailored to optimize their specific goals. Our corporate strategy is simple: Client First.


We have a specialized team of data and research analysts dedicated to analyzing property markets from a macro perspective considering trends and forecasts for economic indicators including GDP, employment, demographics, and points of interest. From a micro level, we drill down to the strengths and risks associated with the property, focusing on location, lease structure, investment potential, and overall highest and best use analysis (HBU).


We have an in-depth marketing plan that helps elevate and differentiate us from other companies. Our marketing includes: offering memorandum/package and plan, professional photography/videography, premium digital and search optimization, advertising, direct marketing, in-bound search/property inventory requests, accountability, and technology driven process for pursuit/follow through.


Through the various avenues of our services one can achieve a multitude of results: lump sum cash, free capital, liquidity, no debt, operating lease payments, seller’s market, flexibility, diversification, and freedom.