Chris Bell

Company Phone Number:

(662) 234-4044

Direct Phone Number:

(662) 638-6709



Chris Bell

Research Analyst

Christopher Bell is a Research Analyst with Randall Commercial Group, LLC, where he conducts research, analysis, and underwriting investment real estate deals. Further, he performs economic studies on local market and is tasked with forecasting growth markets. His research aims to identify acquisition property targets, dislocation in markets, arbitrage situations, and value add opportunities with an emphasis on risk analysis. Form a sector standpoint, Chris currently focuses primarily on the healthcare sector and consumer staples sector. He received his real estate license in 2021.

Christopher’s most recent prior experience was with Hekemian & Co, a real estate development company focused on multi-family development, where he provided support to their SVP of Acquisitions and Development. Prior to Hekemian & Co, he worked in operations management in both select service and luxury hotels an resorts with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Charter Road Hospitality.

Christopher received his undergraduate degree in Hospitality Management with a minor in Business Administration, and most recently received his MBA form the University of Mississippi. Christopher enjoys playing tennis, hiking, cooking, and spending time with his family.