Discovering Freedom

Working With Financial & Accounting Professionals


Randall Commercial Group, LLC has successfully collaborated with a wide array of financial professionals to optimize clients’ asset allocation, in terms of dispositions & acquisitions of directly owned real estate.

  1. Achieving Liquidity and Flexibility: Assisting with dispositions of real property – realizing gains, evaluating easing options, sale leaseback alternative, balance sheet deleveraging, 1031 replacement property brokerage and strategies.
  2. Increased Assets Under Management (AUM) for Advisor
    • Liquidation: Liquidating real estate can create greater assets under management for the advisor and provide more options for advisor and client.
    • AUM Real Estate: Advisors may directly asset manage the real estate and use RCG as a tool to execute real estate strategies.
  3. Asset Diversity/Non-Correlated Exposure: Direct real estate ownership provides advisor the ability to make diverse and non-correlated asset allocations. Income producing property can be an extremely beneficial alternative to bonds and traditional annuity products.
  4. Advisor Competitive Advantage: Many financial professionals totally avoid real estate due to regulatory limitations or lack of understanding despite many of their clients having real estate exposure. Those who can advise on real estate have a distinct advantage and ultimately provide greater options for clients with real estate or those who want to own real estate.
  5. Debt Management: Real estate is often leveraged and depending on the clients situation, debt may or may not be desirable as part of the overall strategy. Considerations may include…
    • Accessing leverage to control more assets
    • Liquidating leveraged property