Tim Wong to join Jim Ingram Community Leadership Institute

By Stella Britt  |  October 3, 2016  |  Randall Commercial News
Jim Ingram Community Leadership Institute Class of 2018

Jim Ingram Community Leadership Institute Class of 2018

Randall Commercial Group, LLC is proud to announce that salesperson and investment analyst, Tim Wong, will join the 2018 class of the Jim Ingram Community Leadership Institute.

The two-year leadership program was created by the Community Development Foundation (CDF) and the Create Foundation to develop community leadership skills and to enhance personal and professional growth.   This program will serve as a farm system for the next generation of community leaders in the Tupelo/Lee County area.   “This new cadre of experienced and focused volunteers is a wellspring of talent to the many community organizations that need volunteers to improve the area’s quality of life,” says David Rumbarger, CDF president and CEO.

There are three components to the overall program:

Community Orientation

Program sessions address topics such as economic and community development, education, health care, and local government. Various sites in the community will be toured.

Enhancing Leadership Skills

Leadership skills will be addressed at all sessions. Skill building exercises include personal development assessment, visioning and strategic planning, speaker and presentation training, effective communication techniques, and consensus building.

Community Leadership Reinvestment (CLR)

The program requires one year of institute training and one year of community leadership reinvestment. Participants reinvest what they have learned during institute training to a non-profit organization or a defined community need.

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